June 28, 2014

Valerie & Steve’s Cleveland Courthouse Wedding-The Old Courthouse Rotundra

Valerie and Steve waited many years for this “Best Day Ever” as they exclaimed in their invitations and wedding day programs. They began the day at the always bright and beautiful Cleveland Hyatt, Arcade!  With beautiful locations at the Cultural Gardens and downtown at the Old Courthouse, it made for a full and fast paced afternoon!   John and I loved working with this couple and getting to know them!  This blog post is a bit longer than or regular post, but this amazing couple have such a full background that we felt their story needed be shared along with their beautiful wedding day images!  
     They first met at the College of Wooster, from there Steve began teaching for Teach For America, all the way in North Carolina, but Val soon followed after her tenure was finished. They thought they would finally be in the same location, but another curve was thrown their way and Steve was accepted into law school at the University of Illinois. Val continued teaching 8th grade science in rural Eastern N. Caroline and dance at a local studio  while Steve completed his first two years of law school. The visits continued, more flights, more Skyping.  Eventually she finished her teaching obligation and moved to Illinois to be with Steve. During Steve’s final year in law school, he applied for a graduate clerk position at the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. After a Skype interview San Diego called and offered him a position.
    The two did what they always did. They talked it out. This time, however, they sat down and each wrote down a piece of paper what they wanted to do. Val scribbled “SD.” Steve, obviously the creative one out of the two, drew an elaborate picture that included, amongst other things, a sun and a palm tree. (This lovely piece of artwork still hangs in Val’s room.)
    Steve finished up law school while Val obtained her EMT license and studied for the MCAT while working full time at a local hospital. They stuck around Illinois while Steve studied for the bar before heading back to Ohio at the end of July, 2012. Then things got a little hectic. First, Steve got Mark’s (Val’s father) blessing. Second, he flew out and took the California Bar.
    Two days after getting back from taking the bar, Steve took Val to the Mohican Lodge and Restaurant in Loudonville, Ohio, the site where Steve first told Val he loved her five years prior. He took her out to the Gazebo, got down on knee, and asked Val to marry him.She said yes. Actually, she nodded her head with the biggest smile on her face… and eventually verbalized the “yes.”
     Two days after that, they jumped in Val’s tiny Civic and drove across the country, eventually landing in downtown San Diego where they lived from August of 2012 through July of 2013. During that time, Val went on medical school interviews – and ended up accepting a spot at Rush University’s Medical College in Chicago, Illinois. Once again, they faced the prospect of distance.And once again, knowing they were in it for the long haul, and both never wanting to hold the other back, they chose to allow the other to follow their respective professional dreams. They did so knowing that one day they would land in the same place and start their family.To this day, they continue to fly back and forth between Chicago and San Diego. With the support of their families and friends, they make it work. As one may expect, it has not been easy. They have come through it all, however, knowing that they love one another and, despite the thousands of mile. 

Bride’s Dress-Brides by Demetrios
DJ-Hess Entertainment
Fun shot with all the attorneys and the attorney statue!



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