June 11, 2014

Matt & Kristin’s Bertram Inn-Aurora Wedding

“Because being with you makes perfect sense” ― Tim McGraw  
Funny how each and every wedding touches us in a different and unique way.  Kristin and Matt’s wedding was a lesson in patience and timing for them.  Seemed every moment we captured between the two of them, was filled to the brim with love.  
They first met about five and a half years ago. She was moving into a condo and needed a few things done.  Soon he was referred to her by neighbors and so she gave him a call. After he set her up with cable… he called to see if she would like to meet him for a drink. They dated for about four months, but the timing just wasn’t right.  However, they never forgot about one another and in May 2013 reunited on Facebook and began dating again. He proposed just a few months later, and the rest is history. In her own words “We are strong believers in timing!! We are a perfect match, best friends, and soul mates”.   After spending the day with them, I couldn’t agree more!!!! Kristin was giddy with excitement and it flowed over to everyone with her.  When Matt and her were finally united at the wedding ceremony, their smiles and happiness between them could barely be tamed.  It really was such an honor and pleasure to capture the moments of their wedding. When these two kiss, they kiss smiling, when she walks he guides her and when they look at each other, its apparent that they are looking much deeper than just the outward glances.  This is a very special relationship and I’m excited to show a few moments of this special day!
VenueBertram Inn
One of our favorite florist-Molly Taylor Designs in Hudson
DJ’s-The Beach Boyz….Ryan Corbett..great job!
Great Videographer-Just Perfect Video
Hair-Fine Reflections Salon, in Hudson
One last picture before the beatiful night becomes dawn…



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