June 18, 2021

Landerhaven Wedding |Kyle & Jen

Jen and Kyle had their, what they call “Round 2 ” wedding at Landerhaven !  Here is the story of  Jen & Kyle and their “Round 1” wedding:

“We met at a private neighborhood lake party on July 4th as our parents are neighbors.  We bonded during a hike at Squire’s Castle on our second date as we explored more about each other, learning that we both love outdoor activities and experiencing life to the fullest.   Jen has a love  of running and Kyle has a true passion for golf and wood working, but together we love going on adventures along with paddle boarding, hiking, and walking.  We stand by each other and are always impressed by what our other half is able to accomplish.  On Jen’s 30th birthday Kyle proposed to her in the arch of Squire’s Castle while we were on the exact hike we took about a year prior.  We were so excited to plan our wedding for June 2020, making our dreams come true.  COVID-19 hit the US very drastically forcing us to change our plans.  We hated that we were not able to have all of our family and friends around us, but still wanted to legalize our marriage on June 6, 2020.  We arranged for  small, intimate, family only wedding on the beach where we met.  Kyle also designed the pavilion located on the beach in front of the lake, so this location is very meaningful to us.  With masks in hand, a very well organized officiant, supportive family, a live stream feed, a new, less formal gown and paddleboards we began a new chapter of our lives together and became Mr. & Mrs.  While we are so very grateful for our personalized story and will be telling it for years to come!”    Here is their adorable first wedding….Lakeside Wedding.


For their 2021 wedding they said their vows in the beautiful tent just outside of Landerhaven.  Such a bright and cheerful location for weddings.  This time they were surrounded by all their families and friends! The reception kicked off with the couple and their wedding party coming down the stairs into the ballroom.  What a way to make an entrance!   The Cleveland Keys entertained everyone  and the sign alongs went on all night! They are such a great addition to a wedding reception!  John and I were so fortunate to have photographed this awesome couple’s weddings twice!!  Congratulations Jen and Kyle!

Dress Shoppe-Radiant Bride in Rocky River

Dress Designer-Enzoani

Hair-Alicia Robertson:

Makeup-Maggie Kleinman

Florist-Sara Merkel: Landerhaven


Dj/Band-The Cleveland Keys



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