June 18, 2020

Intimate Lakeside Wedding| Kyle & Jen

At the start of 2020, it looked like it was going to be a great year. We had just finished up a wedding in Hawaii, and had a banner year of weddings to look forward to!  While in Hawaii, we were hearing whispers of a bad virus spreading, but like most, we never could have foreseen what was to come!  We photographed a few more weddings and then mid-March hit and everything came to a stop! Covid-19 hit and it seemed like the world had came to a stop.  Not only were weddings and events being rescheduled, there were some even being cancelled, from couples too afraid to make any further decisions.  But, as spring came about, many of the couples had the option to have small weddings.  So instead of waiting to have their dream weddings, a few are just not letting love wait and opting for intimate, personal weddings.  Most still have their big celebrations scheduled for later, but  for now it’s all about getting married!

Kyle and Jen were one of those couples.  Their big reception is still on for next year with family and friends, but this year wasn’t going go by without them become husband wife!  They had the perfect location.  They were married right on the beach of the lake where they first met!  This lake is right behind their parents homes!  This location has so much meaning to them and their families.  They both had preparations at their parent’s homes and then made their way to the beach & pavilion.  With the bright sun overhead, and the most beautiful weather, they were married by a dear friend  with their families as witnesses!  Kyle, being a contractor, made the beautiful wooden box for the unity candle as a surprise for Jen.  The wedding ceremony was intimate, personal and perfectly them.  Another surprise was the wedding parade of friends that couldn’t come to the wedding, due to social distancing.  Check out how much fun that was!

When it came time for the formal pictures both Kyle and Jen were wanting to do a few pictures on the floating dock, where they officially first met.  In order to get to this dock, they both jumped on their paddle boards (still in their wedding clothes)!  John and I couldn’t photograph from the shore….so off we went in a pedal boat..along with our camera gear.  Oh this was sooo fun! The gear is insured, so why not, haha?!   Anyway, the casualness of these moments and the personal meaning of the location for Jen and Kyle, was just what they were hoping for.  A paddle boarding bride and groom was certainly something different for us, so thank you Kyle and Jen for all the fun!!

After paddle boarding they had their first dances, a yummy lakeside cookout, petite wedding cake and lots of laughing, toast and fun!  There wasn’t anything missing in their scaled down, intimate wedding ceremony.  It was just perfect for this cute and fun couple!  Congratulations Jen and Kyle and we can’t wait for next year’s celebration with you!



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