September 26, 2016

Wyndham Hotel Wedding of Jeremy & Polina

Polina and Jeremy’s Wyndham hotel wedding, was an elegant black with neutral color theme. I feel there isn’t much more that says classic and elegant, than these colors!
The Wyndham hotel sits right in Playhouse Square, making it a
 festive and fun location for a wedding. 
 Jeremy and Polina have been dating for 11 years!!  While they had been in school together since elementary school, it was High School Band Camp that brought them together. Polina was on the drill team and Jeremy used to know a thing or two about playing the drums. After college, they  stayed in Columbus. Polina went to The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Jeremy worked in public accounting as a CPA. After 2 years in accounting, he began at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law!  After Polina’s graduation, Polina matched into Dermatology Residency at The Ohio State University.  These two are determined individuals that fit together perfectly!
 In their wedding website, they put it simply “we belong together”!
Venue-Wyndham Hotel
Invitations-Invitations and More by Karen Mazala
Make-up & Hair-Eye Do Makeup & Hair
Florist-Forest Woods-Vince
Cake-Wild Flour Bakery



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