September 6, 2014

Suzanne & Jay’s “Old Hollywood” Wedding

Jay and Suzanne’s wedding was one that John, Jessica and myself were anxiously waiting for!  After the three of us had the pleasure of photographing them 2 separate times for their engagement session, we all felt like we were with good friends once again! Their wedding seemed to have an old Hollywood feel to it.  Suzanne looked amazing and was a dream to photograph!  They were one of the happiest couples and made the day so much fun! They had a “first look”, that was so touching and sincere.  How about Jay’s first expression?!  Isn’t it so great!?  Then we ventured out from the Marriott for wedding formals.  We even rode in the limo to save time and to beat all the traffic that was predicted for downtown last Saturday.  
 After some garden pictures we went to Playhouse Square, the location where they got engaged.  Since then, the beautiful chandelier and signs have been hung, making it even more romantic and fascinating!  A few indoor portraits downtown and then off to the wedding ceremony! The wedding was in the courtyard of the Cleveland Airport Marriott Hotel.  I love the pictures of Suzanne laughing and smiling as her hair lightly blows in her face. This couple was perfect for capturing amazing candids! 
 I even teased Suzanne that she couldn’t stop looking at Jay.  
It was truly inspiring to be with them. 
The reception began with an awesome dance between Jay & Suzanne!  Notice the toasting cup?  It is a family heirloom.  It’s almost 40 years old and was given as a wedding gift at one time and is often shared for wedding occasions.  It was so nice of Allan and Darlyene to bring it for the wedding.  The trick is for the bride to drink from the little cup the woman is holding, while the groom drinks from the skirt (cup)!  This all must be done very carefully when the bride is wearing a white dress!  
Towards the end of the wonderful day, we talked Suzanne into a few fun shots.  She was a great sport as we helped her climb onto the table bar!  Isn’t she just beautiful, even after such a long day! 
Thank you Jay and Suzanne, it was such an honor for us!



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