July 18, 2020

Stonewater Golf Club & Venue Wedding| Jonathan & Mary Ellen

Jonathan and Mary Ellen had their wedding date set and nothing was going to interfere, they felt like they had waited long enough!  If they couldn’t have their big day that was planned, they would have something smaller. Despite the conflicts with Covid restrictions etc., the wedding was perfect and everyone had a fantastic time!  The day was so beautiful, and it felt great for us to be back into the swing of things with a full wedding day ahead!

Before I go on about this beautiful day, here is their engagement story.  They were down in Naples, Florida on a vacation with Jonathan’s family. Jonathan’s original idea to propose did not work out due to the weather, so he improvised and came up with a different plan. They already had reservations to go out to a nice dinner with everyone one night, so Jonathan suggested that they take “pictures” on the beach before going to dinner. The weather was on the cooler side and the sky was a little cloudy, but that wasn’t going to stop Jonathan from proposing. While on the beach, Jonathan suggested he and Mary Ellen take one of the classic Titanic pictures. Mary Ellen, being so gullible, agreed without hesitation. As Mary Ellen was standing facing the water with her arms stretched out, Jonathan was behind her down on one knee. Jonathan then told Mary Ellen to turn around, and just as she did, the sun peaked through the clouds and Mary Ellen was shocked to see Jonathan with a ring! Meanwhile, Mary Ellen’s family was watching all of this happen on FaceTime back in Ohio. Mary Ellen obviously said yes and their beautiful wedding was held at Communion of Saints Parish in Cleveland Heights.  Their reception was at the wonderful Stonewater Golf and Venue in Highland Heights!

Back to the day…at the church, Communion of Saints Parish, Mary Ellen and her father made their way down the aisle. The images captured of Jonathan, the groom, are priceless.  Just about every bride hopes to get this kind of reaction.  This shows just a little of  how much these two are in love! From the adorable looks they exchanged at the alter, to the enthusiasm coming our of the church, it was so inspiring!  Even later in the evening, I overheard Jonathan tell a woman that “she is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen”…..OK my heart about melted after hearing that!

At the end of the wedding ceremony, they were greeted by a drum and bagpipes!  Such a grand exit from a grand church! From there we went to the Museum of Art for the wedding pictures, Edgewater Park for the CLE sign and then to their alma mater, Lake Catholic High School! Then we were off to the reception at Stonewater Golf and Venue.

Weddings held at Stonewater are fortunate, in that they have a beautiful space for the reception, but also a great outdoor area for cocktails and pictures. Check out Mary Ellen and Jonathan’s entrance to the reception!  Their entrance was really fun and cute! Along with some of the other things they also incorporated into the reception, was a cake pop cart from  Daisy Cakes, Champaign popping and Mickey Mouse bridal ears/hat and lots of other details!  Love a couple that shows their style and passion! Overall, this was such a wonderful wedding and a great start for full weddings to begin again!  Congratulations!!!

Hairdresser-Sarah Delanie Beauty Co.-Sarah Delanie

Makeup-Sarah Delanie Beauty Co.- Jenna Vance


Dress Designer-Essence of Australia

Dress Shoppe-The Dress Bridal Boutique

Florist-Bouquet Studios-Amy Chupp

Reception Venue-Stonewater Golf & Venue

Rental Co, Linens-L’Nique

Cake-Cakes to You

DJ-Billy “J” Disc Jockeys

Video Co. –Image In Motion

Cake Pop Cart-Daisy Cakes



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