June 13, 2019

Stan Hwyet Wedding Proposal | Farhen & Brogan

Every time I receive an inquiry for a proposal shoot, I find myself getting so excited.  Excited for the bride to be, excited for the groom and thrilled to be able to capture that moment.  One of the things I love is working with the groom.  They have a few ideas but I’m always happy to add suggestions.  This time, Farhen knew just where he wanted to ask Brogan (LOVE her name) to marry him, one of her favorite places Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens.  I knew the names of the different areas and he knew their descriptions.  So after a few phone calls, he selected my favorite, the English Garden. It has to be one of the most romantic locations for anything to do with love!  So there I was, hiding in the flowers and bushes, while Sara (sales manager at Stan Hywet) and might I add, Assistant extraordinaire, held my phone to catch it all on video as well.

When the two of them walked in,  I was watching as Farhen carefully persuaded Brogan to walk to the edge of the pond….directions from me to avoid the sun spots behind them. Brogan had on a gorgeous and uniquely detailed dress, which was perfect for the moment!  When Farhen went down on one knee, I came out of the bushes to get a more direct shot of them and the amazing garden.  From there we walked around Stan Hywet and captured a few more images for them to remember the day!

Way to go Farhen for selecting such a beautiful place for your proposal and for hiring a photographer to capture it all!  Congratulations guys!!!



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