May 21, 2021

St. Louis Union Station Wedding| Jack & Megan


Their story: Jack and Megan first met back in 2014 during their first year of medical school. Busy with their studies, they didn’t really get to know each other until the second year of med school in Springfield, IL after mutual friends and shared tutor groups brought them together. While Jack quickly saw the potential for more than a friendship, Megan wasn’t as certain. This lead to a tenuous first date on Valentine’s Weekend in 2015, to which Megan’s response when Jack asked her out was, “I guess so.”

Needless to say, there was not a second date, at least not right away. Despite Jack’s most dedicated efforts, Megan came up with all sorts of reasons why she wasn’t available for another date. Jack’s favorite to tell is, “I have to wash my driveway.” (Which Megan never actually said)

Though not a couple, they became close friends and spent a significant amount of time together. Jack became a key part of Megan’s friend group and despite her indecisiveness about her romantic feelings, she was always disappointed when he wasn’t at a social gathering.

The fates aligned on March 16, 2020, AKA Match Day, the day when soon-to-be physicians find out where they will go for their residency training. As luck (and possibly a little planning on Jack’s part) would have it, both Megan and Jack would be moving to St Louis for this next phase of their careers. When Megan saw “St Louis” next to Jack’s name on the Match Day list, she felt an overwhelming sense of happiness that she wouldn’t have to say goodbye after all. It wasn’t long after this that Megan FINALLY made up her mind about Jack and decided to let him out of the “friend zone”. For the final month of medical school, they were nearly inseparable. Their relationship transitioned seamlessly into residency life in St Louis, where they and Megan’s dog, Toby, became a content little family. It was at Toby’s 5th birthday party on January 12, 2020 that Jack proposed via a Doggie Adoption Certificate, and Megan said, “Yes!”

Their long awaited wedding day began with Megan at the historic Hilton Hotel at the St. Louis Union Station, the same place where their wedding reception would be held later in the day.  The bridal suite was beautiful in soft blue colors, while outside in the hallway fourer, it was a sweet pink!  While these preparations were going on, Jack and the guys were back at their home with John photographing all the guys. Eventually they were all together at the Union Station.  Megan and Jack had their “first look” in a perfect spot,  just off the main grand room of the station.

We were thinking we would have to dodge the rain all day, so we quickly photographed outside of the Station. From there we were off to the church for their wedding! The ceremony was gorgeous in this large cathedral and we followed up the ceremony and pictures with our next location at St. Louis’s Art Museum!  Wow, was that location beautiful! So much fun to photograph in new places! Plus, it never did rain, so all the plans we had to photograph in different Union Station locations, was never needed! We all were so happy!

The wedding reception was held at the iconic St. Louis Union Station. The grand room with high ceilings, vintage lighting and decor was such a romantic and charming location for this sweet couple’s wedding reception! As the guest left cocktail hour and entered the reception, they were greeted with a fantastic light show, that ran through “stories & moments” on the gorgeous ceilings! This was such a unique treat for everyone!

There were sooo many special and beautiful moments at this wedding, but one thing that stands out to me was the incredible love Megan and Jack showed for each other all day.  At one point we had said something to the effect about heavenly blessings and Jack smiled and said “I think I used up all my heavenly blessings getting Megan”.  Oh yes that is so sweet and there were plenty of others!  Congratulations Jack and Megan we are so happy for you and felt honored to photograph your day!

Venue-St. Louis Union Station

Hairdresser & Makeup- Emily Miller Makeup & Hair

Dress Shoppe-Mia Grace Bridal

Dress Designer-Eddy K


Florist-100 West Floral

Church-St. Francis Xavier College Church

DJ-TKO DJs A little gift to her mother Susie.
Megan’s something blue from her mother. Oh my goodness look at their sweet pup!! Look at Jack’s face when he sees the bagpipe surprise!!



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