August 14, 2021

St Clair Ballroom Wedding | Ryan & Julia

Julia and Ryan’s wedding day began with Julia and her girls at the Marriott Hotel downtown.  Meanwhile Ryan was at his parent’s home for the morning preparations.  Once the morning preparations were completed, everyone was off to Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church for the wedding ceremony.

Julia’s entrance was so special.  She was escorted down the aisle by both her parents and also had the sweetest reaction from Ryan at the same time!  Our favorite part of photographing weddings is capturing those feelings!  The ceremony was just as sweet and I loved the exit down the aisle from both my view and John’s in the balcony!

For the formal pictures we went to the elegant Cleveland Museum of Art.  It was a great location for the style of of images Julia preferred.  From there we were off to St. Clair Ballroom for the wedding reception!  I love the entrance to St Clair Ballroom. You go up an elevator and come off into a small lobby that greats all the guest with fun signs, cool images or whatever the bride decides.  Julia & Ryan had large canvas prints from their engagement session!  It looked great!  From that space there is bar off to the side and then you walk into a beautiful room filled with so much light and beautiful décor!  As the sun begins to set, you often have a beautiful warm glow over the city in the background of the dance floor as well.  It was a perfect location for Julia and Ryan’s wedding reception, lots of space and a beautiful skyline view as well!  Congratulations Julia and Ryan!

Church-Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church

Florist-Roses For Weddings

Reception Venue-St. Clair Ballroom 

Julia is ready a letter from Ryan…notice Ryan’s mother in the mirror…sweet moment 🙂



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