August 10, 2021

Ritz-Carlton Wedding |Jonathan & Elyse

Elyse & Jonathan’s wedding was held at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Cleveland.  After the preparations and their first look, we were fortunate to be able to photograph in the beautiful Marble Room downtown.   And guess what!  Their wedding was featured in this month’s JStyle Magazine!  Not only featured, but on the cover!

Elyse and Jonathan like to say that their love story is one that you see in all the classic rom-coms. Boy-meets-girl in grocery store aisle as girl drops her blueberries and boy bends down to help her pick them up. They lock eyes and the rest is history.

But alas, this love story didn’t actually start at the grocery store. (That grocery store did become a favorite spot for them to frequent when they moved in together.) Their story begins as so many modern millennials are these days, via a dating app and their iPhones.

The night Elyse and Jonathan met in the fall of 2017, Jonathan selected one of Elyse’s favorite restaurants, Cleveland Chop, as their first date spot. They quickly bonded over their love of pineapple pepperoni pizza, watching the Bachelor and living downtown. It was raining and Jonathan walked Elyse home as her umbrella shielded them from getting soaked.

Fast-forward almost 2 years of dating, and Jonathan proposed in-front of none other than their first date spot, and an umbrella back in her hand. And Elyse wasn’t the only one surprised the night of the engagement. Jonathan’s mom flew in from Kansas to watch the whole thing with Elyse’s parents from behind the restaurant window.

While COVID delayed the celebrations from 2020 to 2021, it didn’t stop the lovebirds from soaking up every possible minute together in their apartment downtown. The couple is more than just lovers, they’re each other’s best friends and biggest fans, whose ideal night is home cuddling together on their couch while watching one of their favorite shows.

Elyse is one of those types of friends that you want to have on your side forever.  She is a cheerleader for those around her and goes to all lengths to make others feel special.  She not only has a  great career but she is also an Instagram Influencer.  Then there is Jonathan, host/anchor at @923thefan !  These two have such a bright future, not because of their career successes but because of the incredible people they are!


Venue-Ritz Carlton 

Dress Shoppe-Brides By The Falls

Invitations-Noteriety Invitations

Makeup-Rachel Lorraine Artistry

Hair- Style House Beauty Bar & Studio MZ

Dress Designer-Martina Liana

Photography location-Marble Room

Florist-Ashley’s Florals

Planner-Noteworthy Events-Kim Singerman






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