June 7, 2022

Renaissance Wedding | Indian Wedding of Subhra & Sarah

This beautiful Indian wedding was Subhra and Sarah’s Bengali wedding at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.  Bengali weddings are full of details that are unique to Bengali Hindu weddings.

From Subhra and Sarah..

“Our story began at THE Ohio State University where we were introduced in sign language class through our mutual friend, Julia. Thanks to weekly trivia nights at Ledo’s Tavern, American Horror Story marathons, and a few too many boxes of Franzia wine; we quickly became close friends. After graduating from college, Sarah moved to Washington, D.C. and Subhra began his Master’s program at Case Western in Cleveland. Although we both met great people and were happy in our new cities, we never stopped talking and always felt like something (or someone) was missing. Over the next few years we set aside weekends to fly and drive to see each other, all the while thinking that there may be something more to this than friendship. When Subhra moved to New York to begin medical school, we realized how much we meant to each other and became more than just friends. Over the next two years we spent more weekends together, became close with each family, and traveled together whenever we could. We realized we were ready to take the next step.”

The day began with wedding preparations at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.  Always one of my favorite hotels, as the lobby is so beautiful for pictures! Once the ceremony began, Subhra is welcomed from Sarah’s mother and makes his way up the aisle to her father waiting. Once it was time for the bride to enter, beautiful children came if first sharing candies etc.  When the doors open the bride (Sarah), is being carried and holds two betel leaves. Once in front of the groom, she walks around him him several times and then slowly lowers the leaves.  They then perform the Mala Bodol – Exchange of Garlands. The rituals continue one being more meaningful than the next!

After the beautiful Indian ceremony, we photographed Sarah and Subhra in their wedding attire. They then changed their clothing into something that was in keeping with the nights upcoming events! Being in the heart of downtown Cleveland, we headed right into Public Square for a some pretty greenery and more pictures of the couple!  The cocktail hour quickly came to an end and we made our way back to the hotel with plenty of time to capture the all the details in the Renaissance ballroom!

One tradition I love from Indian weddings are the performances!  From singing to dancing the evening was kicked off perfectly! Check out the pictures below!  Once the open dancing began, the floor was backed thanks to DJ Umang (Masala Events)!  What a fantastic day and thank you to Subhra and Sarah for the privilege of capturing all of it for you!  Congratulations!

Makeup-Elite Beauty Productions

Wedding & Reception Venue-Cleveland Renaissance Hotel

Florist-Touch of Elegance Wedding and Event Design

Bakery-Luna Bakery

Caterer-Saffron Patch

DJ-DJ Umang (Masala Events)

The marriage rituals conclude with the groom smearing vermillion or sindoor on the hair parting of the bride.



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