October 10, 2012

Rachel & Mike Smith’s Wedding

I’m always feeling so lucky with the wonderful clients we work with each year.  I’m not sure what it is, but it just seems like our photography attracts similiar personalities to our own!  Rachel and Mike were no exception!!  I instantly loved them when we met around the holidays last year! The wedding was so much fun for us!  Their families were incredible and we laughed ourselves through the happy day. Rachel was one of the happiest and most cheerful brides!  I love all the images we caught of Mike and her smiling, and even laughing during parts of the ceremony.  It was so touching and cute!  We headed into Hudson to capture some pictures and take advantage of the beautiful fall colors.  What a great afternoon we had with them!      The reception was full of crazy games and lots of dancing..what a great bunch of people!  Thank you Rachel and Mike and your families!  Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!

Crazy, fun DJ games!  And Rachel and her father had such a sweet and sincere dance together.



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