April 23, 2020

Published | Windows on the River Wedding

Obviously every wedding is so different for us.  But most exciting for us, is the couple and their families that we get to know. Capturing their personalities, style and relationship is everything! Of course the details tell part of the story. They show who they are and what they love.  For Erin and Zach, they showcased the fact that they love their home in Chicago, but also love Erin’s hometown of Cleveland!  They even brought their sweet lab to Cleveland for the wedding.  Featuring what Cleveland has to offer for weddings…they had their cocktail hour in the Cleveland Aquarium right in their reception venue at Windows on the River.  It was so fun to see all the smiles and amazement, as their guest wondered the aquarium in anticipation for the reception upstairs!

There were wonderful vendors with this November wedding and you can see the list in or original blog post right here!   http://bit.ly/2tp4iJE

For The Ceremony Blog Feature  https://bit.ly/2KqH0rY







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