December 31, 2012

Nick & Brittany Hruska’s Wedding —Cleveland wedding photographers

Nick and Brittany picked a beautiful snowy Saturday, for their very special Christmas season wedding. With hair and make-up beginning at fringe & FOUNDATION Studio in Westlake, the day was full of smiles and anxiousness as Brittany unwrapped a beautiful gift from her soon-to-be husband.  Then off to St. Paul Lutheran Church (which was absolutely beautifully decorated for Christmas) for the beginning of their lives together!  It was a really touching ceremony with her 2nd grade class singing a special song during the wedding!  Then downtown to take advantage of the city lights!  Cleveland always looks great dressed in Christmas lights!  We couldn’t resist visiting the Brown’s Stadium and just for fun one of Nick’s old hang-outs!  It was fun night with this group and we loved seeing many friends and fellow St. Paul members at the reception!  What a great bunch of people!  Happy New Year!



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