January 10, 2013

Nathan & Jessica Deutsch’s Wedding

This weekend was a special wedding for us.  We photographed Jessica and Nathan.  They are the kind of couple that doesn’t want to be front and center, but have the personalities to be just that!  Jessica is so beautiful, but yet so modest.  Nathan says it like it is, but can be blatant and extremely funny at the same time. If it sounds like we kinda know them, we do.  Nathan works with John and we were extremely excited to be selected to photograph their wedding!  With preparations at the Wyndham Hotel, Nathan and the guys constructed the Chuppah for their upcoming vows (that Nathan had designed to go with their natural wedding theme) while the girls gathered for hair and makeup upstairs.  This was our first Jewish ceremony and it was absolutely beautiful! Loved all the details and the meaning in the ceremony!  What a fun day and couple!

Loved the Lottery bouquet for everyone to join in!!!!!



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