September 29, 2012

Mike & Coletta’s Vermillion Wedding

The day began with  beautiful sunshine and a cool breeze.  We were excited to be photographing Coletta and Mike’s  wedding in the quaint and beautiful lakeside town of Vermillion!  Our adorable bride Coletta, had put so many of her own touches into their wedding.  Not only did she make all the flower bouquets, but also her gorgeous antique brooch wedding bouquet. Her dress was custom made with a bit of her mother and grandmother’s dress incorporated into the design.  But, the sunshine held out only till just after the wedding and then the storms and wind moved in, making it impossible to take advantage of the lakeside beauty for pictures.  But, that didn’t dampen the spirits of this lively wedding party and we found nice alternatives to capture part of their wedding day.  Later, we  were able to battle the wind and catch a few lakeside pictures,  just before heading into the reception!  The reception greeted us with the most amazing candy and desert tables, that they had a room all to themselves!  There were containers for all the guest to help themselves create their own custom candy box or bag.  Such a sweet couple with a wedding that seemed to really fit their personalities!  



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