July 29, 2014

Meghann & TJ’s Cleveland Rainforest Wedding Reception

Meghann and TJ’s relationship had, as she puts it, “a friendship first” beginning. From their friendship a beautiful and loving relationship and now marriage blossomed.  They were married at St. Christopher’s Church in Rocky River.  Once the ceremony was over…Meghann wanted to use the mustang as their “get away” car, TJ doesn’t drive a stick shift……so what does a liberated woman do?  She drives it herself, wedding dress and all!  TJ helped Meghann into the car as the wedding guest clapped.  Then just before jumping in the passenger’s seat, TJ gave an enthusiastic fist bump to the cheering crowd! It was adorable.

Before venturing on to the reception at The Cleveland Rain Forest, the couple chose to go to  Huntington Beach and Park for their pictures. It was a special place for them growing up and when they were dating and made perfect sense to capture their “best day” there!

Once we arrived at the Rainforest, we captured a few quite moments with the couple and then enjoyed the evening with dinner and great dancing!  It really was a magical place to have a reception and perfect for this sweet and easy going couple!
Have fun on your Alaska honeymoon!!  Thank you!



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