September 27, 2013

Matt & Danielle’s Avon Lake Wedding!

After banking at our local bank here for several years, I came to know the ladies there and was thrilled when one asked if I might be able to meet with her and her daughter who was recently engaged!  I always loved seeing Kathy’s bright smile when I came in, so it was wonderful when they told me they would like us to photograph the wedding.  Danielle was just like her mother with a big smile to greet me whenever we met!  We were all very excited to have the privilege to photograph at the infamous stone castle house on the lake! This amazing property was the perfect setting for this fun wedding party!  We had such a good time capturing Danielle’s scrunched up nose….. which seemed to be whenever Matt looked at her! Fun wedding and so glad we got to be part of it!
Love the sisterly love shown at this wedding!



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