July 15, 2015

Lauren & Brad’s Summer Wedding

     Lauren and Brad.. as she describes, “are an easy going couple”.  Lauren has a smile that never stops and when she looks at Brad it seems to be contagious for him. The two of them are beautiful together!  They have a bit of an usual story.  Brad’s brother and Lauren’s sister are married…to each other.  Lauren’s sister and Brad’s brother, both mentioned in their speeches, that their siblings wanted everything that they did, the speeches kept us all laughing. But, sure enough they did follow in their foot steps….
     After Lauren and Brad were maid-of-honor and best man in their sibling’s wedding, they began working at the same restaurant.  They spent hours after work watching the stars and taking long walks.  Through the 5 years they have been together, there have been medical issues and suprises, but through it all, they have fallen more and more in love. It’s always wonderful to share in the wedding of two special people and watch as they show their love and happiness to all their family and friends! Happy honeymooning Lauren, Brad and Paige!

Love this group of couples!  We have been fortunate to have photographed each of their weddings.  The brides are part of a beautiful group of nurses that work at
 Rainbow Babies that we have gotten to know and love!!



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