July 27, 2016

Lakewood Country Club Wedding /Alyssa and Rick

Rick and Alyssa are one of those couples that met and knew right away. (after a 6 hour conversation), that they had something unique and different. From their agreement on just about every topic, to their similar interest and style. These two are not only a stunning couple outwardly, but also in the way they carry themselves and their elegant mannerisms.
 It was such a pleasure capturing their wedding day.
I can’t write about the wedding, without acknowledging Alyssa’s wedding gown.  I loved everything about it! I could go on and on about the simplicity yet gorgeous style, 
that was just so perfect for her.
Rick stood out on his own as well, wearing eye-catching blue! The lovely pink flowers were by Life In Bloom. They were another, perfect piece to this wedding.
After lakeside pictures we then took advantage of the beautiful newer grounds of
 Lakewood Country Club.  The pond and stone bridges were just outside the clubhouse and made it easy for us to get to the best spots!  
The reception had a little surprise for Rick and Alyssa. Their mother’s sat them down and began a dance that had several of their friends joining into! 
It was a surprise flash mob of sorts!
 How cool are their mothers, right?!
After hilarious and tear-filled toast, the reception was jumping the rest of the night.  Even the bride and groom had a special dance for everyone! The opened doors to the patio, made enjoying the evening easy and we took advantage of the beautiful sunset right there! Thank you Alyssa and Rick for a wonderful day and the pleasure of sharing it all with you!
Dress-Hailey Paige
Church-St. Ladislas Church-Westlake
Florist-Life In Bloom
Reception Venue-Lakewood Country Club
Wedding Coordinator at Lakewood Country Club-Katie Hogan
The shots of the girls “trying” to get Rick held up, I think are the cutest! He wasn’t phased at all. 🙂

This wasn’t even our idea!  Look at her!  You go girl!
Lakewood Country Club had just the surrounds that we love to use in wedding photography!
 Be sure to show some love for this beautiful couple!



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