July 14, 2013

Josh & Michelle’s Classically Beautiful Wedding-Eastlake, Ohio

We had such a good time with Josh and Michelle last weekend! This was a beautiful classic wedding filled with so much family love.  From the packed church, to the tradition of woman bringing their best baked items to the reception…. there was no shortage of happiness and fun at this wedding! Michelle was looking for traditional wedding photography and they were the perfect couple to pull it off!  The wedding was held at the beautiful St. Mary’s Church on Holmes Ave. with the reception at the American Croatian Home in Eastlake. We had so much fun we stayed till the reception was over :)!

 There’s always something so special when a bride makes her entrance in a large beautiful church filled to capacity with family and friends!

 Seems so old fashioned and wonderful when the guest flow into the street to greet the newly weds!

 A bit of surprise BANG when the groomsmen let off fireworks in honor of Josh & Michelle.

This reminds me of wedding pictures in Europe

Loved how easy going Michelle was.. when she was literally swept off her feet!



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