June 23, 2017

Jon & Chey’s Engagement Celebration/Gates Mills, Ohio

Engagement celebrations, are such a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of the upcoming year of festivities! From showers, parties and all the planning that goes into a wedding, this is just the thing to kick off the year of celebrating. Chey’s Saree was the most beautiful color and that color was throughout the theme for this party. From the flowers on the tables, the roses in the yard, to the adorable 2 tiered cake, the colors were perfect.  This beautiful backyard party was full of unique ideas and fun Indian dishes.  Something I’ve never seen before was the “Sugar Cane Extractor”. It made the yummyist, fresh drink that everyone was enjoying!

At the beginning they had a small blessing from their priest.  Then they had a tradition, of the groom’s mother giving the bride a necklace. This was so heartwarming and I love the moments captured from this.  Following this sweet tradition, their family and friends spoke about them and their relationship. One common thread throughout the evening, was just how much this couple meant to everyone.  They really are a special pair, sweet, smart and considerate.  We can hardly wait for their wedding next year!

Planner-Durga Chirigupathi of Patra Designs

Catering by Six Flavors

Picca Dilly Artisan Yogurt-Frozen yogurt 

Indian Engagement-Gates Mills



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