February 23, 2014

Jay & Suzanne’s Cleveland Engagement Session

We first photographed Jay and Suzanne just after a beautiful snow storm. Though the images are beautiful, we thought it would be nice to capture them indoors as well!  A great excuse to spend more time with such a fun and gorgeous couple! We did have to get a couple pictures outside.. of the restaurant where they spent the evening of their engagment!  
Jay proposed to Suzanne at PlayHouse Square and then suprised her 
with all their parents meeting them for dinner at Pura Vida
This is Suzanne’s version of the sweet engagment…” I had an idea that Jay was going to propose to me that day because when he asked me to go to see the play (The Book of Mormon) a few months before, he was super nervous, which is unlike Jay. I had an
 ah-ha moment after thinking about our expected timetable of when we’d be getting engaged and thought that there was a good chance he’d be asking me that day. And, it was  that day when we met to go to the play that he was overly-excited and talkative, and a total giveaway when I could see the ring box in his pocket. I had no idea when he would ask me, and I was anxiously awaiting the moment all the way through the play. Admittedly, I have litte memory of the play because I was so excited. After the play, he said he wanted to take a look at the stage from the balcony, so he led me down there. Once we were there and the crowd pretty much cleared, he got down on bended knee, saying some very sweet, loving words, none of which I really remember because I was so overcome by the moment, and then asked the most important question of all, “Will you marry me?” And, I said, “Yes, of course” and also some sweet, loving words, again, none of which I really remember. The PlayHouse staff came out congratulating us and brought out a box of 28 long-stem red roses he had ordered for me. The 28th is the day of our dating anniversary and holds a special place in our hearts. It was just so romantic. Jay had been planning the proposal for months and spent a lot of time arranging it with the PlayHouse manager. A bit after the play, we headed over to Pura Vida for dinner. We walked into the restaurant, the host led us to our table, and when we turned the corner, we found all of our parents sitting there eagerly waiting for us to join and start celebrating. I was in total shock and nearly fainted. I couldn’t believe that Jay had arranged for everyone to be there and I didn’t even suspect it! I had actually suggested beforehand a plan for us to go see the parents and share the 
good news. Needless to say, it was quite the celebratory dinner and such a
 wonderful memory for us both.
Stephanie, as I’m typing, this I’m remembering once again, how lucky I am to be marrying Jay. He’s truly an amazing man. And, I couldn’t be happier that 
he’s the man I’m going to marry.”
 I love their story.



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