April 10, 2013

Eric & Lisa Kelley–Wadsworth Wedding

Eric and Lisa are a very special couple. We found their warm and giving personalities infectious. From the beginning of their engagement, when Eric surprised Lisa with a ring at her school’s fire drill, to the way she had a special place for all her students in their wedding. Posting a few pictures wasn’t going to do the job! I just had to include those adorable kids too! It was a such a pretty and touching day!

Loved the picture of the day they got engaged with Eric in his uniform and all her students included in the moment!

Lisa’s students were adorable and so well behaved!  
The students presented the gifts.
The students read the intercessions! It was beautiful!
The Priest called all the students up to the alter towards the end of the ceremony.  They were all so excited.
A  pink balloon parade to her school!  Pink and white hearts graced the sidewalk all the way down the block!
Perfect weather at the Wolf  Creek Nature Center!
Beautiful sisters!
Always love reflections!



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