November 5, 2017

Destination Maui Wedding of Kyle & Samantha

As I was preparing this blog post, I was thinking about the first time we met Kyle and Samantha.  It was 2 years ago for their engagement session.  We loved photographing the two of them.  They had been dating for a long time, like so many of our clients, and had such a sweet connection between the two of them.  When they told us they were planning their wedding in Maui, we instantly told them about our past wedding we photographed in Maui and how we would love to have the opportunity again!  Fast forward a year later and Samantha contacted us to see if we were still interested.  Um…well of course! Once we figured out all the details, John and I spent the last year looking forward to their Maui wedding at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa.

With our destination wedding coverage, we like to accommodate our clients in any way we can.  From the rehearsal coverage the night before, to possible day-after excursions or photo session.  So we first got to see Kyle and Samantha at their beach-side wedding rehearsal.  It was such a pretty place for a wedding.  With the island view across blue, blue water and palm tress actually swaying in the wind, we knew the ceremony was going to be so special!

Samantha’s morning began at the Kamaha’o Marilyn Monroe Spas.  It was incredible.  Being the only clients early that morning and the gorgeous ocean views out their big windows, was the most perfect start to the day. Just take a look at Sam’s stunning hair and makeup…absolutely gorgeous.  Though we hated to leave, from there Sam returned to her room for final preparations.  When she arrived there was a wedding gift from Kyle. It was perfect, a small diamond studded, palm tree pendent.  Something she will wear and will always remind her of Maui.  

Time flew by and it was the moment we all came for.  Their ceremony was so beautiful!  As Samantha was escorted to Makai Lawn,  a harpist played the softest Hawaiian music. With the music, the island view, the amazing tropical, colorful flowers and Sam’s soft flowing dress everything was perfect.  Kyle’s big smile said it all, as he watched his bride come up the flowered aisle.  Their officiant was wonderful.  He incorporated the Hawaiian wedding traditions in the ceremony and truly added warmth and love into the vows and ceremony!  Look at him “sounding” the shell horn as they walked back up the isle!  

After the ceremony, we photographed their family and all the friends that came for their celebration.  Being at a resort, we took advantage of the beautiful gardens for their formal pictures.  Though a bit warm, these two looked amazing.  The reception was entertaining and delicious and such a fun change for us. So glad Kyle and Samantha let us sneak them away for a few sunset pictures!

We had such a great time being part of their wedding and photographing their beautiful relationship!  Thank you Kyle and Samantha for the amazing opportunity to work with you and travel to Maui for it!  Congratulations!

Venue-Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa

Hair & Make-up-Kamaha’o Marilyn Monroe Spas

Dress-The Dress Bridal Boutique, Medina

Dress Designer-Stella York


Harpist-Ginny Morgan

Officiant-Tito (fantastic)

Gorgeous Florals-Country Banquets Maui





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