January 7, 2022

Daniel & Katelynn’s European Engagement

Daniel, on oldest, lives in Germany.  His girlfriend Katelynn (Kate) is currently living in Hawaii. Dan and Kate met while Dan was stationed there. For the holiday’s Dan wanted Kate, us, and Kate’s parents, Al & Diane (from Canada), to come to his home in Germany! Yes an international event for sure.  Once we all were there, he had a planned to propose to Kate at a diving center a few hours away. They are both avid diver’s and the proposal went off with a hitch!   So when your boyfriend proposes while on Christmas vacation with your family in Germany, and his parent’s are photographers, it’s just natural to have your engagement pictures done as you traveling, hiking and taking in all the sites!

So that is exactly what we did for them!  No we didn’t have all our “fancy equipment and lighting”, but a great camera and lens slung on a shoulder, was really all we needed for this very high adventure couple! I think if it was warmer and we would have done some more formal pictures around the cities, but really, this shows just how we spent most of our two weeks in Germany/France. And it definitely their personalities.

And I can’t post these pictures without shouting to the world, just how very happy we are for Dan & Kate’s engagement and much be absolutely adore Kate!! They are such a perfect match and we can’t wait to see their beautiful future together!

A cute little place to stay just as we enter France

Castle hopping in France with Yeager pup!

Our Airbnb (our chateau) in the Black Forest was amazing, very large and so authentic!!



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