July 19, 2016

Cleveland Wedding of Dan & Olivia

Olivia and Dan are high school sweethearts.  Watching the two of them exchange wedding vows was incredibly beautiful and endearing. So much excitement and anticipation from their families, that have watched the two of them grow and mature together over the years! Their ceremony and reception was held in Dan’s family backyard.  Yes, Viola, Dan’s mother, is an amazing gardener and designer!   It really was the perfect place for their very special ceremony. 
 The ceremony was well thought-out and very personal to them.  Dan’s brother offered words of wisdom and spoke of the love that Dan and Olivia shared.  They exchanged vows and then as an act of love and service to each other, they had chosen to wash each other’s feet.  As Dan and Olivia enter into this new relationship, this action is more than a symbol.  It is a vow to always remain in a humble position-to lift up the other, even at great cost to oneself. 
It is a reminder to for them to love and serve Jesus. 
After the amazing ceremony, the reception kicked off with delicious appetizers and drinks just steps from the ceremony location.  Their guest were treated to the Bario food truck, along with all sorts of side dishes and treats! There was a large tent, late-night smores and dancing under a full moon.
 This was a very special evening and John and I loved being able to share in it! Congratulations!
Smores to top the evening off!



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