September 26, 2018

Cleveland Science Center Wedding| Brett and Laura

Brett and Laura actually met at work!  They were attending a presentation class and though they worked in the same building, they never crossed paths.  The presentation class was very small which led to them interacting.  Brett even asked Laura to be his partner for an exercise where you have to stare into your partner’s eyes for a few minutes without talking. After the class ended, they saw each other a few times in passing at work, but never said more than a quick hi.  Five months later, they ran into each other at a Warrior Dash race.  A conversation was struck up by Brett and during the conversation they realized that they lived in the same development! They exchanged numbers and made plans to watch a Brown’s game together.  Now 4 years later they vowed to share their lives together!

With Laura’s preparations at her parent’s home and Brett closer to Cleveland they came together at the always fun Cleveland Science Center for their wedding. It was held on their lower balcony with amazing views of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and The William G. Mather ship. As you can see from the pictures, it was a gorgeous day!  Big fluffy clouds and sunshine everywhere helped put the finishing touch on a beautiful ceremony at Cleveland’s Science Center!

We took advantage of the amazing day with pictures around the Science Center and then along the lake at Vonivich Park. A quick stop at local church and then off to LaVera for their wedding reception!  Congratulations Laura and Brett!!

Hairdresser-Ashley-V’Sonno Salon

Dress-Galleria Gowns

Designer-Maggie Sottero

Flowers-Bouquets by Becky

Wedding Ceremony- Cleveland Science Center


Cake-Cakes by Maria and Joe



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