August 21, 2015

Cleveland Renaissance Wedding-Bobby & Maria

This wedding was full of smiles and happiness like I’ve never seen! Bobby and Maria are so madly in love and have been dating for 10 years!  High School sweethearts that made it through college, and now Bobby’s dental school, were so ecstatic for their day to finally arrive! Though is was a crazy, busy week for all involved!  Bobby arriving early in the week, he and Maria helped her family move into their new  home, just 3 days before the wedding! This on-the-go couple took it all in stride! Their wedding was beautiful and tons of fun! They had a Greek wedding at St. Demetrios. Have I mentioned that Greek weddings are so cool?  So much pomp and circumstance! With not a lot of time, we headed to Cleveland for some romantic pictures by the river and then to their fabulous reception at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.  They had the amazing band, the Grecian Keys, for the reception entertainment!  They played Greek songs that kept the guest dancing and singing all night!  It was fantastic!  I can’t forget the big surprise for Maria that Bobby and the groomsmen put together (and I can’t figure out how they pulled this off, with all of them living states away from each other)! Check out the pictures of her big surprise! It has to be the best groomsmen dance we 
have ever seen!  Not that we have seen too many! 
We love this couple, so full of fun and giggles…truly a joy to be around!
Hair & Make-up-Fringe & Foundation, Westlake
Flowers-Mary Huerner. Avon Lake
Bakery/Cake- Wild Flour
DJ/Band-Grecian Keys
Maria and her parents and her brother have such a beautiful relationship together!
Something special from Maria 😉
 Loved when Maria’s brother called her out on her and Bobby’s first date…”Maria said he was so hot (I believe that was the word he used), that she could dip him in chocolate and put a cherry on top!”

 Sweet speeches and toasts from Maria’s parents and Bobby!
 Oh, and then was the amazing groomsmen dance!
 Loved the dental cookies!  Perfect treat for the future dentist!



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