July 30, 2013

Chris & Rose’s Catawba Island Wedding!

“Since the moment I met you I have closed my eyes and wished on every star, wishbone, and birthday candle to be with you in this moment …..” These were the opening words of Rose’s letter to Chris during their wedding ceremony at Mon Ami Winery.  One of the most beautiful and emotional ceremonies we have had the pleasure to photograph. Rose put into words what just about every girl/woman feels when she is deeply in love. “Chris, you’re every single lovely word I could possibly think of….”  there was barely a dry eye in the candlelit cellar. Their relationship began over 10 years ago through distance and dedication they came together on this beautiful day to become husband and wife. 
Though it was a beautiful and romantic ceremony, the wedding was also full of fun and unique details! Mon Ami Winery is always one of my very favorite locations for a wedding! With a wall of paper flowers adorning the back wall, Rose and Chris had such an amazing backdrop for their wedding vows! Rose and her mother, Denise, made almost every element by hand.  Such a talented mother/daughter team, they looked at it as the “Superbowl” of everything they love doing!  All the ideas were things they hadn’t seen before.  It was truly a labor of love for them. I agree with Rose, “it’s those little details that make the event feel so special”.  The amazing flowers were designed by Spencer Loebich of Life in Bloom Floral. We all fell in love with the very unique Garden Roses used in the bouquets!  We were intrigued as to what kind they were!  The adorable monogrammed cookies at the reception, were by the super talented Monica Sansom of Avon Lake!  The cake was by Nancy Schaner from Sandusky.
We did have a celebrity among us for the wedding! Rose’s brother Tom, came in from Alaska!  He’s on the show ‘Deadliest Catch‘ and a member of the Seabrooke crew! Check out the great shot John got of him with Chris, his brother and the flag!  He was such a nice guy, just like their whole family! For the reception at the beautiful and elegant Catawba Island Club, they entered as husband and wife to a fast and fun dance together!  It was adorable and set the tone for the fun weekend ahead!  At the end of the reception they left under sparklers onto the trolley, heading for the next event of the night! With a lakeside hotel rented out the next day….they had beach games and music for their family and friends to continue the celebration! What an awesome couple and wedding!  Have fun on your Italian honeymoon!

The cutest wedding gift ever!!!  I only wished it had been at the wedding
Perfect picture since one of Rose’s brother’s (Tom in the center with the flag pole) is on the hit show “Deadliest Catch”! 
 I absolutely love this first look between Rose and her father!
Thought this ice cream shop was so cute with this adorable couple!
 Mon Ami Winery’s cellar is such an amazing location for a wedding.
 Rose and Chris put their own beautiful style to it!
Off to Catawba Island Club….such a beautiful location.  One of our favorites!
 Catawba Island Club
 Nitebridge Band set the tone for the lively reception!!



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