July 25, 2014

Brad & Kelly’s Tanglewood Country Club Wedding

The sweet story of how Kelly and Brad met was told many times during their wedding.  The shortened version is the two were invited to an Indian’s game by friends.  Once they were introduced, there was magic and they instantly connected!  The other couple said they eventually felt like a third wheel that night.  Despite long distances the two were meant to be together and 3 years later they made it official!

Brad, Kelly and I began our photography fun together last year on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Sunny Lake in Aurora.  As they showed me the spot where Brad proposed to Kelly, by writing on the path “Kelly will you marry me?” I quickly got an idea of just how crazy in love these two adorable people were.  The rain eventually slowed and we captured some adventurous shots on the lake!  On this, their wedding day, the weather wasn’t much different, but once again we had so much fun and were still able to capture their amazing LOVE!

Their wedding was held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Aurora, with the reception at the beautiful Tanglewood Country Club.  Thank you Tanglewood for the use of all those golf carts!  The reception was filled with stories, videos and toast all centered around Kelly and Brad’s genuine relationship and how much everyone loved them!  From the video message they had for each other,  her father and sister’s teary eyed speeches to the best man and made of honor’s story of how the couple met, it was a special evening.

Hair & Make-up-Fringe Salon in Stow
A little mirror fun in Cleveland….just before we all had to run to the limo bus due to rain!
Brad and Kelly were given pictures and even text message copies from the day they met!!  Isn’t that so cute!?
I just thought his picture was so funny…love how everyone is busy..almost looks posed, but it’s not!  



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