July 9, 2013

Ben & Chasity’s Barn Wedding-Cleveland wedding photographers

Chasity and Ben allowed me the opportunity to capture their country wedding just outside of Cincinnati while Stephanie was in Cleveland shooting a wedding at the same time. Ben and Chasity are from Baltimore, Md, but Chasity chose to have the wedding with her family back in the charming country side of Southern Ohio.  This is the first time we have captured a wedding in a country venue, and, what a unique, fun, and personal experience it was.  Chasity’s relatives hosted the wedding at their farm with an accompaniment of hay bales and tractors.  During the entire event, you could just feel love between Chasity and Ben and the family bonds that existed among such sincere salt-of-the-earth people.  Chasity and Ben thank you for allowing us to capture this special event in your life.  We hope these pictures help always retain those special feelings you had on your wedding day.  Warm regards, John    



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