September 5, 2012

Austin Mass & Rachele Westlake Wedding

Awesome couple, friendly, fun wedding party, loving close families and together with a beautiful day, and you have something very close to a perfect wedding! The day started out  so easy, with the family and bridesmaids of Rachele gathering at her home.  Cheri (Rachele’s mother) had gotten her wedding gown as well as her mother’s gown out of storage and they hung beautifully in the background of all the festivities.  Such a great idea to see the   family history!  The girls were so much fun and everything was so lighthearted and cheerful!  John had great time photographing the guys and all the military details!  Being in the military himself…I think he was having way too much fun for work, if that’s possible!  We loved photographing this local wedding!  The reception was fantastic, with so many beautiful flowers and music that kept everyone  dancing! It was a crazy fun evening! 
Congratulations Austin and Rachele!!
 Thank you so much for having us as part of your wedding!
There were so many flowers at the reception!  It was beautiful and so nicely done.  Love Mary Huerner’s work!



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