March 12, 2022

Ariel International Wedding | Mike & Emily

Emily and Mike’s wedding preparations began at the always popular and beautiful Lakeside Hilton downtown.  As a photographer we love photographing there for the beautiful light and scenery.

From the Emily…”We met at Ohio University during our senior year of college. We had our first real date at the Cleveland art museum that summer and have pretty much spent every day together since. In 2019 we decided to take the leap and move to Pittsburgh together, where we have been now for the last three years. We got engaged just this past December. With the world being so uncertain these past few years, we knew we wanted to start our family as soon as possible and planned our whole wedding in under two months!”

Yes, this wedding was one of two weddings we had in March that was planned in only a few weeks!  I think these weddings are such fun!  There is a special kind of feeling all day.  All the planning hasn’t drug out for months, it’s all brand new and it is amazing to watch it all come together!

The couple was wed in Olmstead Falls at St Mary Of The Falls Church.  Being a winter time wedding we opted for indoor photography options.  Happy that Cleveland’s Public Library was once again open for pictures!!  After the library we made our way to Ariel International Center, where the reception was being held.  Being we have our photography studio at Ariel, we are very familiar with the building and took advantage of some of the cool rustic spots there!

Dress-MB Bride

Wedding Day Preparations-Lakeside Hilton

Florist-The Flower Petal

Reception Venue-Ariel International Center

Caterers- Sausalito



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