October 6, 2016

Anna and Dave’s Rowboat Cleveland Engagement Session

Anna called us from New York with a request for her engagement session to be photographed in Cleveland (at the request of her fiance) and to include a rowboat! We love to photograph sessions that are personalized and this one was right up my alley.  We went to work locating a rowboat and the day of the session, securing ivy , wild flowers and a bouquet to match her dress. Anna had put together the perfect outfits for their session and it was so much fun putting it all together!
It was a beautiful sunny day, and thankfully, we found a bit of shade along the shore. These two were naturals in the rowboat.  John and I actually almost slipped into the water laughing so hard at Dave’s crazy moves. Eventually they made it back to land and we headed downtown for a Completely different look.  Since Dave wanted a Cleveland engagement, what better place to photograph, then right downtown.  Once again, Anna’s outfits were perfect, with a red bow tie for Dave and matching lipstick and heals for Anna!
Thank you Anna and Dave for the awesome session and we can’t wait
 to see what you do with your Russian wedding!




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