September 24, 2018

Schoepfle Gardens Wedding Session|Cody & Meredith

Meredith and Cody had dated for many years when they decided to make it official and got engaged!  With their families, they had a civil ceremony at the Lorain County Courthouse. But before heading to celebrate, they opted for a fun wedding session at Schoepfle Gardens! It was a beautiful afternoon when I met the couple and their parents and we took advantage of all the beauty of this location! From family photos first, to just the couple,  This garden is beautiful and perfect for wedding photography! After their session they were all heading to the most elegant restaurant in Lorain County, Chez Francois in Vermilion.  Also one of my very favorites as well!  They they were off to Paris for a romantic honeymoon!  Congratulations Cody and Meredith on your marriage!

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