October 15, 2019

Henn Mansion Wedding| Brandon & Sydney

Brandon and Sydney were Purdue University college sweethearts. They remember the very first time they laid eyes on one another in 2008. It took almost 2 years of Brandon consistently speaking to Sydney, asking to walk her to class and if she was single yet, before he got her phone number. The rest is history!
These two are true soul mates and best friends whose love story is a testament to timing. They grew up and grew apart but always found their way back to one another. He waited for her to be available, she waited for him to take the relationship seriously, and when the timing was right, 10 years after they met, Brandon proposed to Sydney in Costa Rica while on her 28th birthday trip. Then they spent a full year of just basking in engagement before even thinking about a wedding. They just focused on growing their business, Self-Made Custom Menswear and achieving other personal goals until the year was up and it was time to figure out how they would say, “I do”.
In keeping with their company name (Self-Made Custom Menswear,  and soon to be women’s clothing as well), they wanted a truly Self-Made wedding. Being in the wedding industry themselves, they saw first hand how financially burdensome and stressful weddings can be and vowed not make their day like that. They were about to pull the trigger on a Bali elopement when Sydney said, “I always wanted a picture of my mom and dad standing side by side and if we don’t have a wedding I don’t think it will ever happen”. That is when they decided to have their own, Self-Made wedding.
They toured multiple private residences from Airbnb, before finding the perfect historical property, Henn Mansion, in Euclid for their special day. Sydney loved the big backyard that lead to the lake and just knew the weather would hold up for her special circle ceremony. She wrote every word of the ceremony and assembled a team of local creatives to help her with her no bridal party, THC infused menu, brunch themed wedding. Even the bouquet was one of a kind, made by the mother of the bride, filled with silk flowers and family heirlooms (broaches, pins, earrings, etc.). All decorations (except the broom and bouquet) were donated to a nonprofit called Bride 2 Bride that helps impoverished women have weddings of their dreams.
It was a truly perfect day, for two people who are perfect for one another.
Dress Shoppe – Dresswe.com
Makeup – @LaurenMarieSmirnov
Hair – @BookSomethingYo
Invitations – Minted
Venue – Henn Mansion
Caterer – @TakeABreakQuickCatering
DJ – DJ Crew
Decorations – Sandra Litton and the mother of the bride
Videography – @1of1films
Drone – @brandonshootphotos



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